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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

iPhone 3GS fix for not working GPS

The issue I want to discuss here is the malfunctioning GPS on the iPhone 3GS running 3.0 software.

If your GPS does not seem to locate your position (the blue dot is either not pulsing or the radius never 'shrinks') try:

- turning off your 3G (this can be done in the Settings preferences) making sure that your WiFi remains ON (even if you are not connected to a WiFi network).

- go back to the Maps app and try the locate button. If this does not work reboot your phone. Return to Maps and GPS should now be able to locate you.

If the issue does not resolve try resetting your Network Preferences. To do this:

- go to: Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings

- now reboot your iPhone.

Finally, if all this fails you may have to:

- restore your iPhone to the original iPhone 3.0 software.

- after you do this check that the GPS function work BEFORE you go on to restoring/syncing your iPhone with iTunes.


  1. Is there some way to get a readout of GPS data such as lat/lon, altitude, and GPS error or accuracy?

  2. Had to restore mine to get the GPS to do anything on my 3GS :( Nice blog though!


  3. Thanks. It's working after turning off 3G.

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  5. jailbreak it. there is a fix but u have to be able to run terminal. When u jailbreak, you are in control, like a real computer,

  6. here ids the link for tute, read as much as you can, alot of info there

  7. my 3g iphone gps is not working, Ive restored it and took it to the store and they could not fix it by resetting it either. of course ive had it 1yr 90 day so the waranty is gone. is there and other thing i can do other than buying a new one. or going to a a differant carrier and a differant phone?

  8. Turn off 3G did it for me too!

    Many thanks, just wish I had found this yesterday when I was in a strange town.